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If you already have a design drawn up, it’s possible that you can still benefit from the Makar healthy-specification system – the key is in early-stage collaboration with our specialist team.

The key to this collaborative way of working is that we’re involved with your project at an early stage in the process, and ideally before planning permission is applied for. We can often work with you if a design has already been agreed, but the nature of our homes and specifically the use of off-site n‑SIPs (natural – Structural Insulated Panels), means that it’s not always feasible for us to provide a quotation for a standard kit home designs.

We aim to connect with likeminded people who are interested in breathing construction’ and the use of healthy, local materials. Although there are several kit suppliers in Scotland offering off-site SIPs’, our system is based only on natural insulation and Scottish-grown timber, offering a truly healthy, sustainable way of building. In this respect, our product is far more in-line with achieving net-zero carbon housing than any other.

Our architects and technicians will be happy to evaluate your design against the MAKAR kit criteria. Please get in touch as early as possible if you have already commissioned a design.

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